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Steroids are the drugs that are approved by the food and drug administration to be purchased or consumed for medicinal purposes or for treatment of some disease. However, some of the athletes or bodybuilders take steroids for non-medical uses. The legal intake of the drugs or steroids is with the prescription of a doctor. Jay cutler was a well known American bodybuilder. This has been seen that the individuals with huge body weight and long height are turning towards the use of the Jay cutler steroids.

The Jay Cutler bodybuilder steroids are supposed to be taken with a rich diet, workout by collecting essential information about the bodybuilder. This steroid has been featured on multiple fitness magazines, including the muscle development, fitness, etc. The jay cutler decided to be a part of the bodybuilding world after completion of his graduation. The time, when he started bodybuilding, he was just 180 pounds. He was passionate about the bodybuilding. He had seen great results in just a shorter period of time. He started winning competitions and gained the attention of the media at a faster pace.

The Jay cutler won his first pro content in the year 2000. After that, he finally jumped into the top ten at the Olympia, by taking the eighth place. In the year 2001, he won the Mr. Olympia. After winnings of the Mr. Olympia, most of the bodybuilders started making use of the Jay cutler’s steroids. The Cutler won Mr. Olympia in the year 2007, 2009, 2010 as well. After his winnings, the world of bodybuilding became very popular. The Cutler at that time realized that he had not obtained the results that he desired to achieve in the world of bodybuilding without making use of the steroids.

The steroids had gained popularity and have became an integral part of the life of a bodybuilder and helps him in preparation of competition. The Cutler also paid attention on his diet as well as training, so as to achieve the desired results. Below mentioned is the list of a few bulking steroids that have been used by him, so as to achieve desired results:

  • Anadrol: As compared to Dianabol, this steroid provides the maximum possible gains
  • Dianabol: This steroid is helpful in brining massive gains.
  • Aromasin: This is used to reduce the estrogenic effects.
  • HGH: These supplements are used to improve recovery, help joints, increasing lean muscle mass as well as boosting gains.
  • Sustanon: This may be used as a base of testosterone, so as to help the bodybuilders make hard base gains.

The Jay cutler’s Bodybuilding steroids may be responsible for some of his huge gains. IN order to achieve the desired results, the Jay Cutler diet included 4000 to 7000 calories in a day. He stated that he had gained more beneficial results from his diet than his training. He stated that the bodybuilders needs to pay attention on their diet as well like that of on training.


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